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The Listing Real Estate Management understands your needs as a property owner or real estate investor. Our property management company puts years of experience to work for our clients to help them achieve their goals for their rental property. Our team of residential property managers has extensive experience in property management. We provide exceptional service to clients day in and day out.

We screen all prospective renters to ensure we are placing quality and responsible tenants in your home. We screen tenants based on credit history, criminal history, nationwide eviction check, rental history verification, and employment verification. We do not collect a management fee until you get paid. Placing quality tenants is our highest priority.

We provide owner rental statements to all of our management clients. Our monthly financial statements will show the rental income, expenses, and security deposits related to your rental property asset.
Our leasing team ensures that each property is leased quickly and always gets the highest rental rate. In addition, our rental property marketing services include rent-ready recommendations, rental price analysis, detailed tenant screening, quality photography, and video tours.
Whether you own one rental property or 50, our robust rent collection technology and processes ensure we collect rent every month and deposit it into your account expeditiously. Enjoy easy and efficient rent collection.
We conduct the highest level of property management rental marketing unseen in the industry. From the professional photos to the virtual tour, your rental will stand out from the competition.
We work with the best service technicians. Our rental property clients benefit from dependable maintenance contractors and maintenance coordination. Our property managers protect your rental property.
Evicting a tenant is one of the most unpleasant parts of renting your property. With The Listing Real Estate Management as your property management company, you can avoid getting into this difficult situation.
Around the clock at The Listing Real Estate Management, our administrative team monitors a 24-hour support line to ensure that tenant emergencies are responded to promptly. As a result, you can rest assured that your property is protected at all times.

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At The Listing Real Estate Management, we specialize in managing single-family homes, condos, townhomes & multifamily properties throughout Orlando. Our industry-leading software and experienced property managers handle the entire process to ensure a successful rental property. From leasing, tenant screening, rental home maintenance & repairs to quality service 24/7. We know precisely how a rental property should operate. When choosing The Listing Real Estate Management, you choose the best for your investment property in Orlando.

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Your rental property success is our success

12 Month Tenant Guarantee
If any tenant screened, approved, placed, and managed by The Listing Real Estate Management vacates in default of their lease prior to the end of their 1-year lease agreement, we will find a quality replacement tenant FREE of charge.
Rental Confidence Guarantee
While our company carefully screens applicants to place the best qualified tenants in your property, sometimes bad things happen to good people. Rent with confidence by protecting your rental income, malicious damage, and eviction costs. (3rd Party Insurance)
Management Satisfaction Guarantee
We are so confident in our management service we guarantee your satisfaction. If for whatever reason you are not happy with the service we will not hold you hostage. You may cancel our service penalty free with a 30-day written notice.

About Orlando, Florida

If you consider renting your home in Orlando, Florida, contact The Listing Real Estate Management to find why we're the best choice for Orlando property management. We're a professional property management company with years of experience managing homes in the Orlando area and take pride in serving our clients.


We offer full-service property management services to landlords, real estate investors, and homeowners in Orlando. Our property management package includes property leasing, tenant screening, eviction services, rental property maintenance and inspections, rent collection, and much more. We also have a free home search tool on our website that allows you to get your free property management analysis for your Orlando rental property.


Orlando, Florida: Growing Rapidly


The History of Orlando started in 1838 with the Height of the Seminole Wars. The U.S. Army built Fort Gatlin, south of Orlando's current city limits, to protect settlers from attacks by Indians. The fort began to grow larger, and within six years, the settlement expanded northward. In 1857 the community was incorporated to be called Orlando.


Orlando does not have a clear idea of how the name became Orlando. There are four stories on how the city got its name. Although they are all theories, one involves Judge James Spear, who fought to get his former worker Orlando the county seat. Another idea is that Orlando Reeves and accompanying soldiers were attacked, and Orlando Reeves, an awarded soldier, was buried on the south side of Lake Eola in Orlando. The last theory we'd like to share is that Mr. Orlando traveled to Tampa, Florida, with a herd of ox. The man became sick and died; the locals buried him and referred to the place as "where Orlando lies." 


The early growth of Orlando stemmed from a need for better transportation to citrus markets. Between 1910 and 1920, the city had exponential growth and was transformed into a major city. The Orlando public library and Bob Carr Auditorium, now Dr. Phillips Center, were established in 1923. 


In 1956 many more people started to move to Orlando due to increased work opportunities. During the 1950s-1960s, the Greater Orlando Chamber of Commerce promoted growth and allowed the area to grow in population.


Walt Disney, during the mid-1960s, was creating the dream of building another park in Florida soon after the dream became a reality when Walt Disney World opened in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.


Orlando, Florida Today:


Orlando, Florida, is continuing to grow in population; the growth rate is solid and consistent. The growth rate averages between 2.07% to 2.92%. Tons of workers take advantage of the employment opportunities, great weather, and excellent Orlando living. In 2020, the Orlando metropolitan area recorded 61,000 new residents 2020, being the 3rd fastest-growing metro in the United States.


Orlando's population will reach 311,740 people by mid-year 2021. At the same time, the Greater Orlando metropolitan area is currently at 2.13 Million, the 6th largest city in the Southeastern U.S. and the 3rd largest population in Florida.


Real Estate Statistics in Orlando, Florida:


According to the Orlando Regional Realtor Association, median home prices in the Greater Orlando area hit a new high currently at $315,000, making this a 19% increase from last year. Although the real estate market continues to stay attractive, inventory rises as more homes are being listed for sale. As a result, new listings are spending on average just 29 days on the market.


Rental Market Statistic in Orlando, Florida:


The rental market is soaring in Orlando, Florida, due to increased demand and the hot sales market causing buyers to turn to rent. Average rents in Orlando are currently at $1,541/mth, a 9% increase from last year. As a result, we see rental property owners expand their rental rates and get top dollar from numerous prospective tenants.


The Orlando vacancy rate is currently at 7.62%. With a low vacancy rate, prospective tenants have to pay more to secure their next rental home. 


The Listing Real Estate Management feels the rental market in Orlando, Florida, will continue to boom, and rental rates will continue to rise. There are areas in the greater Orlando area where you can see higher rental rates.


Facts About Orlando, Florida.


  • Orlando, Florida, is located in Central Florida, in Orange County, and known for popular parks Disney World, Universal Orlando, and Seaworld Orlando.
  • More than just theme parks: known for an amazing food scene, art, history, culture, shopping. 
  • People are moving to Orlando for beautiful weather, arts and culture, affordability, job opportunities, quality education, food and drink, and recreation opportunities. 

Home to the Orlando Magic, U.S Tennis Association National Campus, and Orlando City Soccer Club.

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