Boosting Tenant Retention: Best Communication Practices for Property Managers

As an Orlando property manager, the last thing you want to hear is that your tenant is not renewing a lease because of your lack of or ineffective communication skills. In addition, relaying this information to the property owner will cause you some trouble. 

Orlando property management companies have a commitment to their tenants and rental property owners. This commitment includes exemplary communication methods from the property management company to all parties involved. In the rental property management industry, there are many aspects to renting homes, and it is the property manager’s responsibility to ensure they run as smoothly as possible.

How Should Orlando Property Management Companies Communicate With Renters? 

As technology can do almost anything these days, communicating with renters online is proven efficient, effective, and preferable. According to research done by Buildium, “As of 2023, 90% of renters are interested in completing rental processes online, ranging from 72% of the oldest renters we survey to a full 96% of the youngest renters”. Online is a broad statement that includes various communication methods, so we’ll break it down for you. According to Buildium’s survey:

  • 59% of people prefer text
  • 48% of people prefer email 
  • 42% of people prefer phone call
  • 18% of people prefer in-person
  • 14% of people prefer paper notice/ mailed letter
  • 6% of people prefer social media

Should All Communication Be Done Online?

Although technology makes processes, communication, and property management, as a whole, more manageable, it is still essential to make a connection with your clients. Property managers should be personable and establish relationships with renters and property owners. For many renters, putting the face to the name of their property managers will help them feel more secure in the renting process. 

Property management companies should prioritize getting to know their clients and getting a feel for the personality of each individual they are working with. Knowing someone personally makes handling business easier — you learn how to effectively communicate with each person in the way that works for them. Even if the renter prefers to communicate online, whether through text or email, initiating an in-person meeting or phone call will benefit both parties.

When Should Technology or Automated Responses Be Used?

Identifying situations or information where tenants will benefit from automated responses and online communication is essential. Some answers to questions can be better distributed online. For instance, repetitive processes like rental payments or maintenance requests can be submitted through an online tenant portal. This makes the process easier for both the tenant and the property manager and can be done at essentially any time of the day. In addition, providing renters with a “Frequently Asked Questions” guide or section on your website allows you to answer popular questions straightforwardly. 

However, not every process can be completed online. Some information may be better communicated in person or over the phone, such as processes that involve an in-depth conversation or step-by-step explanation.

Does Communication Affect Retention?

Being aware of the ways tenants prefer to communicate is vital. Some clients may only work with you if you communicate according to their preferences. Some renters may have a strong opinion about spam emails; if you flood their inbox with emails, they may get frustrated, unsubscribe, and search for a new property management company. Some renters may be too busy to hop a phone call throughout the day. In that case, this person may prefer text messaging. If the renter prefers texting, but you don’t offer this means of communication, they might find it difficult to keep in contact with you.

Communication remains vital even after the lease is signed. No renters want a property manager that goes ghost on them once the deal is done. The need to communicate may become less but remember that the tenant wants to know that you will be a reliable source of information and communication when needed. Overall, effective and personable communication helps retain tenants, and ineffective communication steers them away.

Online Resident Portals 

An online resident portal provides tenants with an online platform to complete payments and access information with the click of a button. Renters want to be sure their money is going to the right place with as little confusion as possible. With an online portal, rental payments are straightforward, giving tenants comfort and reassurance. 

An online residential portal can also perform other tasks like submitting maintenance requests. Providing your renters the platform to submit maintenance requests means they can do it anytime without feeling like they are bothering the property manager or landlord. Although person-to-person communication is vital in some aspects, online resident portals help assist renters with tasks that don’t need a phone call or an in-person meeting to be completed. Resident portals may also contain information such as leases and rules and regulations of the property. 

Be a Resource To Your Property Management Clients

No matter your renter’s communication preference, they will always expect Orlando property management companies to be trustworthy, transparent, and respectful. When working with a tenant, a property manager is there to help guide them through a smooth and stable living experience. Entrusting someone to help provide a safe and secure home is a decision that could affect how they live. As a property manager, you must acknowledge the importance of your job and how it plays a vital role in someone else’s livelihood.

Rental property managers must be honest and transparent when communicating with renters. Your policies and expectations must be clearly communicated and outlined in written terms. If the information is important to you as a property manager, it is also important to the tenant. Be sure to explain your policies and expectations in detail. Even though something seems simple to you, it may still be complex to them. Understand that you have more experience; the renter may need extra information or guidance. Respect that each individual learns and processes information differently; renters are clients, but they are also people just like you.

Since each person learns and communicates differently, some renters may have more questions than others. It is essential to be receptive to clients and reassure them they can come to you with questions and concerns. Patience and open communication are two vital aspects of property management that will lead your company and clients to success.

Orlando Property Management Conclusion

Enforcing effective communication methods in property management is the key to success. Property management companies must be able to adapt to clients’ communication preferences to ensure retention and build relationships. 

At The Listing Real Estate Management, we know the value of our client’s preferences. We are dedicated to providing our clients with quality service. Our foundation is built on always being a resource to you and your rental investment property. We’re on a journey with our rental property owners. Trust and Transparency go a long way in property management, and we believe our authenticity, attention to detail, and always doing what is right produce our boutique property management experience in the Orlando, Florida area.

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