Orlando Property Management FAQs

See what other real estate investors, rental owners, and clients are asking about our world-class property management service.

The Listing is grateful to be your Orlando property management company.

As your local property managers in Orlando, we strive to make your life easier and provide a positive and profitable rental investment experience.

Navigating the Orlando rental market can be difficult. However, with years of Orlando property management experience, we can advise and guide you on how to best optimize your investment. Our 15+ years of property management experience in Central Florida are ready to work for you and your rental home.

Whether you own one Orlando rental property or are a seasoned investor, we have compiled the most helpful property management questions to help you and your rental property succeed.

We provide full-service property management throughout the Greater Orlando Metro and Tampa Bay Area. We serve Central Florida rental owners throughout Orange County, Osceola County, Seminole County, Lake County, Volusia County, Hillsborough County, Pinellas County, and Pasco County, Florida.

No, we do not charge any property management startup fees. Your success is important to us. Therefore, we only get paid when you get paid. Additionally

  • We do not charge management fees when your property is vacant
  • We do not charge management fees on uncollected rent
  • We do not charge owners administrative fees to oversee maintenance repairs

You can view all of our property management fees at our Pricing Page

We can start the sign-up process immediately. Then, typically within 24 hours, we can begin managing your property.

After hours and on weekends, we always have an emergency contact person on call and available for emergencies. In addition, we have a dedicated 24/7 emergency contact line for our owners and residents. Our regular business hours are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on weekdays. 


You can also submit requests at all hours via your online owner portal. 

Rental owner funds are direct deposited into your bank account via EFT (electronic fund transfer.)

Rental owner funds are disbursed on or about the 10th day of each month.

We can generate many different reports per owner request. In addition, owners will receive monthly & annual detailed rental owner statements.

Yes, you can request our sample attorney prepared lease agreement.

The Listing Real Estate Management will sign the lease on your behalf. Your name will be on the lease agreement, and it is transferable. We sign on your behalf to speed up the leasing process and protect our clients from Fair Housing violations.

We offer a wide range of options for tenants to pay rent, from providing access to their online Resident Center for easy free eCheck payment or option for Credit Card payment and PayNear My retail cash payments.

The Listing Real Estate Management will hold the security deposit in a Florida Bank non-commingled/non-interest bearing Escrow Account.

Our standard security deposit is One Month Rent. Per Florida Statutes, we hold your tenant(s) security deposit in our non-commingled/non-interest-bearing Florida Escrow Account. 

We highly recommend not purchasing a home warranty for your rental property.

Home warranty providers are slow; their service technicians do not prioritize work orders from warranty companies high on their schedules. Resulting in poor coordination and delays in repairs which leads to dissatisfied tenants. Even for the big-ticket items “covered” in the warranty contract, you still pay the same price if a unit goes down. It is not worth the added expense of purchasing a Home Warranty.

 We do work with home warranty companies, however, if they are not prompt and not able to provide service in a timely manner. We reserve the right not to use them if they do not offer immediate service for your tenant.

Choosing a superior property management company with industry-leading management systems and tenant screening processes has been proven to reduce the risk of evictions significantly. Although we can never be 100% certain, an eviction won’t occur because, as we know, life happens. People unexpectedly lose their job, a death or illness in the family occur, and people’s financial situation can change dramatically. However, in the event, an eviction should occur. We will help facilitate the process. The eviction process in Florida usually takes three to four weeks, not months, as many would believe.

To learn how to evict a tenant. Check out our comprehensive guide on How to evict a tenant in Florida.

We have an easy termination policy. If you are unhappy with our service, you may cancel at any time while the home is vacant free of charge. If the property has been leased, you may terminate in writing with a 30-day notice without penalty or cancellation fee.

Yes. We cannot manage your rental property without it. Contact your insurance provider to add a landlord insurance policy. This policy must have a minimum of $100,000/$300,000 of public liability insurance. In addition, you are required to include The Listing Real Estate Management as an additional insured under the policy.

The Listing Real Estate Management has a vast network of highly skilled service technicians providing quality service at very competitive and affordable prices. The majority of our repair contractors and repair vendors are not employees. All third-party contractors and vendors are vetted, licensed, and insured.

 You can do your own property maintenance if the home is vacant. However, once a home is tenant-occupied, owners cannot perform their own maintenance repairs on the property.

We do not markup the cost of repairs. Invoices are at cost and accessible via your online owner portal.

Absolutely, submit a maintenance ticket via your Owner Portal here. All routine maintenance requests will be in effect unless otherwise stated. 

To cancel period maintenance requests, please email support@thelistingrem.com or submit a ticket via your owner portal. All periodic or routine maintenance requests will be billed to the Owner at the actual cost of service.

Reach out to us here at The Listing Real Estate Management. We provide a Free Rental Analysis for all our prospective clients and management clients. We are real estate brokers and property managers that know the greater Orlando area and Tamp Bay Area. 


We take historical data from multiple channels to provide the most accurate rental rate. Our rental analysis is completed with professional insight from a local property manager to deliver a specific rental price. Many rental property owners get their Rental Analysis from a “Zestimate,” but this algorithm is inaccurate. Contact us for your accurate rental price analysis.

Yes, you get to decide whether to allow pets in your rental property. We highly encourage accepting pets. Not only does it add additional income for you, but pet-friendly properties lease an average of 10 days faster than properties that don’t allow pets. At least 80% of renters own a pet, and properties allowing pets have a 4% lower vacancy rate.

Our rental property marketing is unseen in the property management industry. We provide quality photography for all our management clients. In addition, to our creative marketing strategy, we post rental listings across hundreds of sites, including but not limited to: www.realtor.com










and many more. If you’d like a For Rent sign posted in your yard, great! You got it with us here at The Listing Real Estate Management.

Our lease fee covers finding and placing a high-quality tenant for your rental property. This includes meticulous rental analysis, rental property marketing, stunning photography, pre-vetted anytime digital showing, and comprehensive screening of tenants. Our leasing fee is 75% of One Months Rent.

Our friendly team of Orlando property management experts insists that each of our clients gets the best professional property management services available. Whether it’s marketing your property, getting it ready to rent, ensuring that it’s in excellent shape, or facilitating effective relationships with each tenant, all our services are geared towards saving you time and putting you in contact with the tools you need to succeed. The benefits of our Full-service property management includes:

  • No hassle management
  • 12-month tenant guarantee
  • Automated owner statements
  • Online Owner Portal Access
  • Industry-leading marketing
  • 24/7 maintenance request handling
  • Prompt response to resident requests

Fill vacancies
Market on 250+ websites
Handle resident inquiries
Background and credit investigations
Application processing
Lease signing
Full-service maintenance
Rent collection
Coordinate Evictions
Property inspections
Make owning a rental property easy and enjoyable

We specialize in the management of single-family homes, condominiums, townhomes, and multi-family properties. Exclusively residential properties.

“The Best Property Management Company in Orlando.”

Owner Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to our valued property management clients at The Listing.

Each person over the age of 18 that will be residing in the home is required to apply. Our comprehensive screening process covers:

(1) we will check your credit report <550

(2) we will check for any past evictions

(3) we will verify your employment

(4) verifiable income must be sufficient and verifiable (3x Rental Rate)

(5) we will verify your previous landlord references

(6) we will perform a background screening

(7) some associations also have separate application fees.

Our goal is to find and place the highest quality tenants for your rental property. We do not assume they are qualified until we verify all credible information.

The application process can take anywhere from 3 – 5 days for approval. Our main objective is to find the right tenant for your property, not the Fast Tenant. Other Tampa property management companies will guarantee to lease your home in two or three weeks etc. Meaning they are placing the Fast Tenant, not the Right Tenant.

The lease renewal process begins 90 days before your tenant’s lease expiration date. If the tenant wishes to renew the lease agreement, The Listing will renew the lease unless otherwise informed that you would not like to renew.

Yes, we shoot for a minimum 3% increase year-over-year to the rental rate.

The best way to check when your tenant has paid rent is via your online owner portal. Payment is tracked in real-time.

Yes, you get to decide whether to allow pets in your rental property. We highly encourage accepting pets. Not only does it add additional income for you but pet-friendly properties lease an average of 10 days faster than properties that don’t allow pets. We see the majority of renters at least 80% own a pet and properties have a 4% lower vacancy rate.

A reserve allows for your property to run more efficiently. The required reserve is an industry-standard to reduce your need to provide owner funds to contribute to invoices due and received when rental income has already been distributed.

On your owner portal dashboard, you can click on the expense amount to see the attached invoice of work performed along with details of repair or expense.

The Listing will notify property owners for approval & authorization if the repair or maintenance service is over the maintenance reserve limit outline in your property management agreement (unless the repair or maintenance service is considered an emergency.) If a repair is below the approval limit, we will proceed without the owner’s approval. This limit is to provide the highest quality service to your property and tenant experience.

The most efficient way to contact your property manager is by submitting a Request Ticket via your Rental Owner Portal or by emailing Support@thelistingrem.com

Offboarding Owner Questions

Some day you may want to do something different with your property. Here is that process.

Suppose you plan on moving back into your property at your tenant(s) lease expiration date. Please provide The Listing a 90-day notice prior to the expiration date. Notice The Listing by emailing Support@thelistingrem.com or submit a Request via your Owner Portal.

If you plan to move back into your property after the tenant vacates. Please allow for a minimum of 7 days after the tenant(s) move-out date before you move back in. Allowing us time to perform a proper move-out inspection, make any necessary repairs, complete the tenant(s) Security Deposit Disposition, and deliver your home back in like condition.

The expected timeframe to receive the final statement and distribution is 30-45 days after the conclusion of management. The Listing will hold the last owner draw payment until the final charges and account have been reconciled. After final invoices and management fees have been paid, the final owner draw will include any: 

  • Remaining rent proceeds
  • Property Reserves
  • Tenant security deposit (if applicable)
  • along with final owner statements.

Once completed, this will conclude the management of the property.

We highly recommend waiting until the tenant(s) lease agreement has expired. Selling tenant-occupied homes is more challenging and typically does not show well to achieve maximum sale price. 


If you have to sell while the property is tenant-occupied. Please reach out to The Listing as we can provide a smooth sales transaction for everyone involved. Also, see how we can help by checking out our Sell A Rent Property services.

Once the account closeout is initiated, please complete the following:

  1. Contact utility providers to transfer applicable utilities into your name
  2. Establish recurring services previously handled by The Listing (e.g. pool service, lawn service, common area maintenance, etc.) 
  3. Continue paying or set up recurring HOA payments (if previously handled by The Listing)
  4. Update HOA contact information mailing address
  5. Send out communication to the tenant(s) with details of new property management contact information and further direction on rent payments, service request submissions, etc.
  6. Processing statement of security deposit for the tenant(s). Location and who is holding it.

When a tenant moves out or the property is being turned. Categorized for repairs may be reflected under the income section because the tenant(s) security deposit is transferred to your property’s operating account and is considered income.

Owners will receive a 1099 hardcopy in the mail and electronically via email by February 15th. Please make sure your contact information is up to date yearly in our system. 

If you are not a resident of the United States but own and rent real property in a U.S. state or territory, you must submit a completed W-8BEN and/or W-8ECI form for year-end tax purposes. It must include either an ITIN number, or if you have been issued a Social Security Number (SSN) number in the past, you may use your SSN. We advise you to consult with a tax professional for additional information. 

Do you have any Property Management Questions?

Many property management companies in Orlando, Florida, lag in communication, efficiency, and property management experience. At The Listing, we are here as a resource to you. We are a boutique property management company in Orlando and are local experts in all aspects of property management.

Your designated rental property success managers are here to help, whether you have questions about our property management services, rental owner financials, tenancy questions, or lease renewals. Our property managers would love to hear from you!

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