Orlando Property Management FAQs

Become A Tenant

Quick answers to common questions.

Scheduling a showing and viewing our available rentals is easy! Follow the link here to view our available properties. (https://app.tenantturner.com/listings/thelistingrealestatemanagement)

All applications are completed online. Follow the link here Rental Application. All occupants over 18 will need to submit a separate application; incomplete applications will not be accepted/processed.

(1) we will check your credit report <550

(2) we will check for any past evictions 

(3) we will verify your employment, if applicable

(4) your income must be sufficient and verifiable (3x Rental Rate)

(5) we will verify your previous landlord references

(6) we will perform a background screening

(7) some associations also have separate application fees. 

We encourage you to ask questions before submitting your application. We also advise to not apply if have credit scores below 550, have negative rental history, past collections, or have been evicted.

Please review our full application qualifying criteria on our Tenant Selection Criteria.

We will process your rental application as quickly as possible. The quicker you are able to provide the required documents the quicker the process. Your property managers will be verifying with 3rd party sources such as employers and current/prior landlords. Be sure to provide up-to-date information to assist in quicker application processing time. Our standard application processing time is typically anywhere from 5-7 business days.

If you need an update on your rental application, please do not call into our office. Due to high call volumes we advise you to send an email to applications@thelistingrem.com, please include in the email your: application number, name and property address.

Before move-in, residents will need to provide The Listing Real Estate Management a cashier’s check, money order or through your Online Resident Portal for the first full month’s rent along with any prorated amount, security deposit, a lease administration fee of $250.00 and any applicable pet fees. Pet Fee is non-refundable one-time $350.00. Pet Rent is $25/mth per pet.

Yes, Pets are allowed on a case by case basis, subject to a petscreening.com and final approval by the the landlord. If pets are allowed, a separate Non-refundable pet fee is required $350.00 (due upon lease approval). In addition, to a pet rent of $25.00/mth per pet. No aggressive breeds will be accepted.

All applicants over the age of 18 must fill out the PetScreening Application whether they have a pet or not. You may want one in the future.

If your application has been approved you will receive a confirmation/approval email with the next steps for lease signing and move-in.

For New Tenants

Questions after moving into your new home.

Prior to moving into your new home you will receive an email with login credentials to access your Resident Center Portal with The Listing. If you cannot find the email. Follow the link provided here. Your Username is the email address you applied with then click Forgot Password to create a new password.

The move in condition report performed prior to your move in can be found under the documents tab of your Resident Center Portal.

Please note these items on your self-performed move in checklist provided to you at move in. These items have been documented in the move in condition report accessible via the Resident Center Portal. Complete the self-performed inspection checklist and upload it to the online portal with photos attached.

Contact & Communication

The best way to contact a property support specialist.

The best and fastest way to contact us is via your Tenant Portal and Resident Center App. The Resident Portal can be accessed here.

Both requests must be submitted in writing via your Resident Center Tenant Portal. A Maintenance Request is to report issues like leaky faucets, cracked windows, etc. Creating a General Inquiry is used to ask questions about your account, parking policy, leasing questions, and any issues that may need ongoing correspondence. We cannot take Maintenance Requests or General Inquiries over the phone as all correspondence must be in writing to track, field, and service your request.

How To Submit a Maintenance Request

Login to your Resident Center account. Locate & click the “Requests”. Click Create Request and click Maintenance Request. Much like an email, you’ll see a Subject Line, Category, Description, and Attachments. 

In the subject line, provide us with the Issue/Repair Item needing attention & the location of the issue in the property. Under the Category dropdown. Choose one of the following categories as it relates to the service request (General, Appliances, Electrical, HVAC, Key and Lock, Lighting.) 

Under the Description Field, provide management with detailed information on your maintenance/service needs. For example, your maintenance request should include the following. What is the issue or repair needed? Where is the issue located? Is the issue causing immediate damage to the property? What caused the issue? And when did you notice the issue? 

You must attach photos and/or video of the issue to your maintenance request. Doing so will lead to quicker more accurate service.

*please check your lease agreement regarding our maintenance policy and potential fees associated with service requests and or multiple service requests.

Most answers to General Inquiry requests can be found in your Lease Agreement. Before submitting your General Service Inquiry, please review your lease agreement prior to submitting your request or follow the link to our most frequently asked tenant questions page. 

For support Login to your Resident Center portal and Create a General Inquiry request. Provide detailed information to your request and attach any relevant documents or files related to your request.

An emergency is categorized under the following. Fire, Flood, Blood, or immediate damage to property. The Listing considers the following issues emergencies

  • No electricity 
  • No Water 
  • No air conditioning when the sustained outside temperature is above 93 degrees for an extended period of time.
  • Toilet not working (one-bathroom homes only) 
  • Flooding or extensive leaks (shut off water supply line immediately.) 
  • Refrigerator Inoperable 
  • Fire, Blood, Burglary, or Robbery (immediately call 911)

If you have an emergency, please submit a Request via your Resident Center Portal and call 407-792-5900 x3. Support is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Rent & Payment Concerns

Answers to your rental payment questions.

Rent is on the First (1st) day of each month and considered late on the Second (2nd) unless your lease agreement indicates otherwise.

Rent is considered late on the Second (2nd) of each month unless your lease agreement indicates otherwise.

Yes, please check your lease agreement regarding the penalty of late rental payments.

Yes, the best & preferred way to pay rent is online through your Resident Center Portal.

You can make cash payments accepted via our PayNearMe option allowing tenants a secure way to pay rent at convenient locations like 7-Eleven, CVS, Walmart, and FamilyDollar throughout Tampa. View locations here. (https://home.paynearme.com/all-locations/)

No. For the safety of your payment and money, we do not take a drop of rent checks, money orders, cash, etc.

Moving Out?

Common questions and steps to properly move out.

It has been a pleasure having you with us as a tenant and we hope you enjoyed your stay. To properly move out of the property the following steps below must be completed to end your stay with us in good standing.

  1. Provide us with your intent to vacate the property via your Resident Center app or email successmanager@thelistingrem.com the following Notice to Vacate form with your desired move-out date. You are required to provide us a (60) day advance notice of your intent to vacate the property. Check your lease agreement for specifics. If your lease is expiring soon or you’re on a month-to-month lease, you can provide notice at any time, but most leases do require (15) or (30) day advance notice before moving out. *You’ll be responsible for rent during the period covered by the notice. The security deposit cannot be used as last month’s rent. 
  2. Before your move-out date, you will need to complete the following:
  3. Login to your Resident Center App & pay any outstanding balances on your account
  4. Turn off any auto-payments you may have set
  5. Cancel utility services that are in your name, schedule turn off (3) days after your move out date
  6. Review your move in condition report in the documents tab of your Resident Center Portal
  7. Return the home in the same condition that you received it. You can request your move in condition report via your Resident Center portal
  8. Review move out instructions in your lease agreement
  9. On your move out day, complete the following:
  10. Provide forwarding address via your Resident Center Portal
  11. Leave keys, mailbox keys, fobs, access cards, remotes, and any additional items issued on the kitchen counter. Take a photo and upload to your Resident Center
  12. For single-family homes, send a photo of the current state of the property landscaping at move out
  13. Send confirmation via Resident Center Portal, text, email, or phone that you have vacated
  14. For additional Move Out information review our Move Out Instructions Form.

A (60) day notice is required unless otherwise specified in your lease agreement. Refer to your lease agreements for additional information.

Access your Resident Center Portal and submit your forwarding address along with your Notice to Vacate document.

Moving out before the lease expiration date would be considered a Default and a Lease Break. Refer to the Default section of your lease agreement. Unless otherwise stated in your lease agreement, if you have to break your lease you are responsible for the remainder of the rent amount until the lease expires or the property is re-occupied. Penalty and charges include covering all costs that the landlord would not have otherwise incurred if you did not break the lease early.

Fees you will be required to pay include: 

  • Releasing Fee equaled to 75% of one-months rent
  • $195 Lease Preparation & Administration Fee
  • Rental payments as they become due until new tenant moves in
  • The utilities you cover must be left on until new tenant moves in
  • Rent ready repair costs if needed including but not limited to (Repairs, Property Rekey, Professional Cleaning, Professional Carpet Cleaning, Painting, etc.)

Please contact us online via your Resident Center Portal of your intentions and a manager will provide details.

At the time of move in you will have a lockbox on the property. Use this same lockbox at move out. 

Follow the steps provided here: 

  • Hang the lockbox on the front door
  • You will need to secure the property and place one key in the lockbox (Don’t forget to close & lock the lockbox.)
  • The combination will be the same combination used at move in, sent to you via your Resident Center Portal and in your email inbox. 
  • Confirm the key has been placed in the lockbox via Resident Center Portal, text, email, or phone notifying that you have vacated

If you have any questions or you do not have the lockbox anymore. Contact us via your Resident Center Portal or email Support@thelistingrem.com

*Please do not bring the keys to our office, as this will require us to return the keys to the property and charge you for the added expense.

Follow the link here to our Move Out Instructions. Here you will find the difference between standard normal wear and tear vs damage and neglect.

No. If you move out early and release/surrender keys. You are still required rental payment until the lease expiration date and/or up until the Notice to Vacate date.

To be considered officially moved out, you must release/surrender keys back to management. If not done so, rent will continue to be charged and a charge for key replacement will apply.

Yes, you are required to keep utilities on until your lease expiration date or until the property is released to a new tenant per your lease agreement. The Listing will transfer utilities into the news tenants name upon their move in.

See your lease agreement for specified dates as all Security Deposit refunds are subject to Florida statutory law, 83.49(3). We process all security deposit dispositions notices and accounting statements within the timeframe required by State law. In most cases, we aim to process them within 14 days of move out, but (depending on how long it takes our vendors to provide final invoices) exact time frames may vary.

If you are receiving a full or partial security deposit return you will receive a check in the mail. *The Security Deposit check will be made out in the names of all tenants in one check, and, may not be picked up at our office

We intend and hope to deliver a full security deposit return for all our tenants staying with us. We strive to educate and provide resources for you to achieve this such as our Move out Instruction Form Here. Check your lease agreement for additional details regarding charges and fees, some charges may include: 

  • Cleaning charges
  • Carpet cleaning charges
  • Trash out / hauling charges 
  • Light bulb replacement charges
  • Lawn / Landscaping charges 
  • Painting charges
  • Wall repair charges 
  • General repair and maintenance charges 
  • Filter charges

Fees may include: 

  • Move-in / move-out inspection fees
  • Security deposit disposition processing fees
  • Administrative processing fees
  • Rent-ready maintenance coordination fees

*This is not a comprehensive list of charges and fees. Please refer to your lease agreement for details

Yes, you can follow the link below to get your utilities disconnected and set up connection at your new home.


If you used it to set up utilities at move in you, can request they assist with moving out.

No, we do not show tenant-occupied properties. On rare occasions, there may be a property owner that is requesting we show the property while you are still living there.  If this happens, we will contact you to discuss the process. Prior to your move out date, we may hang a lockbox on the front door or place a for lease sign in the yard.

Absolutely, please submit your desire to purchase a new home via your Resident Center Portal and one of our partnered Realtors will reach out to begin the process. Bonus! If you use one of our Realtors you’ll receive $500 off closing costs.

Lease Questions & Issues

Reference your lease agreement for additional information

You can access your lease agreement via the Documents tab of your Resident Center Portal (https://thelistingrealestatemanagement.managebuilding.com/Resident/portal/login) if your lease is not visible in your Documents tab. Submit a General Inquiry requesting a copy of your lease agreement.

Please reference your executed lease agreement on the Liquidated Damages Addendum. If you break your lease agreement for whatever reason, please be aware of your required responsibilities. Defaulting Results in covering ALL costs that our property owner would not have otherwise incurred if you as the tenant did not break the lease agreement. Unless otherwise specified in your lease agreement. You will be responsible for: 

  • The Leasing Fee of 75% of One-Months Rent
  • Rental Payments, Lawn Care, and Utilities as they become due until the New Tenant Moves In.
  • Costs To Get The Home Rent Ready for a New Tenant (Repairs, Professional Cleaning, Professional Carpet Cleaning, etc.)
  • Cost of Rekeying the Home
  • $195 Lease Preparation Fee

*The Listing does not show tenant-occupied homes. Showings will begin after you have vacated the property and keys provided to management. You must leave utility services on in the property until the property is released.

Upon service of the notice, you will have three (3) business days to either submit the payment amount specified on the notice or vacate the premises.

If you received a notice, it is because you have violated your rental agreement and/or Florida law. The notice will outline the violation and require you to remedy the non-compliance(s) with the specified time frame.

To remedy the violation, cure the non-compliance when completed and/or notify management via your Resident Center Portal by attaching notice received and evidence or violation cured within the required timeframe.

You must provide The Listing a minimum 60-day notice of your intent to renew your lease agreement or provide us your Notice to Vacate. Upload the completed form to your Resident Center Portal.


First, reference your lease agreement – All occupants listed on the lease agreement are fully responsible for all lease terms.

If you reside in a property with roommates, we cannot remove tenants from the lease agreement as all occupants are equally responsible for the terms of the lease agreement. Roommates, however, can be added and or removed once the lease agreement has expired or renewed.

The prospective roommate/tenant will have to submit an application and TLREM must approve the applicant PRIOR to them moving into the property. If TLREM denies the applicant, they cannot move into the property. If approved, you and the approved applicant must sign a new rental/lease agreement or addendum adding the new roommate/tenant.

Please find the Application Link HERE.

Maintenance Questions & Troubleshooting

How to handle repairs and common maintenance items.

Login to your Resident Center and request a update. Do not submit multiple new maintenance requests for the same maintenance request. Reply directly to the same thread.

The technician assigned to your maintenance request will contact you directly via phone, text, and/or email to schedule a time you when you will be home to allow access to the property for him to service the repair.

Refer to your lease agreement regarding your maintenance responsibilities. In most cases, a maintenance repair charger can be categorized into two parts. Tenant Responsibility or Tenant Cause Damage/Neglect. A tenant responsibility service/repair item would be: 

Tenant Damage or Neglect Repair Charge is a for repairing the broken issue.

  • New – this means your maintenance request has been submitted.
  • In progress – this means that your request has been received and is being actively worked on/reviewed by the relevant maintenance personnel or property management team member.
  • Completed – this means your maintenance request work has been finished and the issue/task has been resolved and completed.
  • Deferred – this means your request has been reviewed by our team and has been deemed as a tenant responsibility.
  • Closed – this means your maintenance request has been closed.