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How to Find Qualified Tenants in Orlando by Orlando Florida Property Managers

How to Find Qualified Tenants in Orlando by Orlando Florida Property Managers

Finding high quality tenants for your Orlando rental property is one of the most important jobs of a landlord or an Orlando property manager. Today, we’re talking about how to ensure you attract and place the best tenants for your rent-ready home.

Rental Property Marketing: Develop a Plan

The first thing you want to do is create a solid marketing plan. You will need high quality photos and a video tour. Then, write a detailed description of your property, and blast that information to as many online marketing platforms as possible. Also, make sure your property managers include rental property marketing in their Orlando property management fees. When you conduct your marketing on the sites that prospective tenants are using to find their next home, you will increase your property engagement and drive traffic to your listing.

Pre-Qualifying Tenants and Showing the Property

Once you begin to generate interest in your listing, you’ll have people who want to see your home. Make sure you pre-qualify your prospects before you conduct any showings. This will avoid wasting your time or your prospects’ time. It also reduces safety concerns. At the showing, provide details on how to apply, and give your prospects a copy of your written rental criteria. As an Orlando property management company, we have learned it is best practice to always pre-qualify your tenants.

Establishing a Tenant Screening Process

Your tenant screening process must include a background check. You also need to verify income and employment, as well as rental history. Be sure to do a nationwide eviction search. Once you find a tenant who passes your standards, send a congratulations letter or email. The approved tenant is ready to move in.

Professional Lease Agreement

Any good Orlando property manager will require prospective tenants to read over their professional lease agreement before moving into the rental home. You’ll want to make sure they are okay with all the lease terms before taking possession of the Orlando rental home.

Orlando Property Management Summary

This information will help you place quality tenants, but if you want to ensure you are finding and placing the best possible tenants in your rental property, we recommend you hire a professional Orlando property management company. If you have any questions, or you’d like some help with your tenant screening process, please Contact Us at The Listing Real Estate Management.

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