Is the Fast Tenant the Right Tenant for Your Orlando Rental Property? | Orlando Property Management Advice


Rental property owners and real estate investors, listen up! When it comes to finding a new tenant to rent your Orlando or Central Florida rental property – the key is to find a high-quality tenant, right?

A good tenant is a renter that:

  1. Pays rent on time – every time  
  2. Takes care of your rental property
  3. Respects & Abides by the lease agreement

Unfortunately, I have bad news for you… not all tenants are excellent renters.

In the Orlando and Central Florida rental market, your rental property should be protected, whether that be protected against loss of rental income or protection against rental repairs and damage. Rental property owners should not have any doubts about the renters your property management company placed.

Here in the Orlando and the Central Florida market, you will find property management companies that will: “Guarantee Your Home Leased in Under 15 Days or Your Rental Leased in Under 30 Days or your First Month FREE!” Now that sounds great, right?

Unfortunately, not good for you or your rental property… We could have a new tenant living in your home tomorrow. Seriously – tomorrow!

You’d be surprised at the quality of tenants other property managers, realtors, and property management companies place in your rental home. When the property management company posts a rental property – they are looking for the FAST TENANT.

This topic will explain why it is essential for a rental property owner to go with an Orlando property management company that seeks Quality Tenants over the Fast Tenants in Orlando and Central Florida.

Orlando Property Management Backstory:

We have taken over the management of numerous rental properties in Orlando and Central Florida from other Orlando property management companies and DIY landlords. When we take over rental property management with existing tenants, sometimes the first interaction is alarming – and not in a good way. But, as a professional property manager, you know a (good tenant) very quickly from a (lousy tenant), just from one conversation.

Numerous rental property managers in Orlando have these Leasing Guarantees, and from experience – poor screening processes. As a result, on multiple occasions, their tenants end up breaking the lease, causing excessive rental property damage, potential eviction, and if they last until their lease term – notice of non-renewal.

Property management companies that offer these guarantees often only look out for their quick tenant placement fee. If you are looking for a property management company in Orlando or Central Florida, you may want to know what are Orlando property management fees?

Offering the leasing guarantee benefits only the property management company. These property management companies typically have lower qualifying criteria. For example, they allow co-signers or roommates due to the applicant’s credit history.

How Do Fast Tenants Affect Your Rental Property?

As a professional property management company in Orlando, we have seen it all when screening tenants, filling a vacant rental property and managing rental properties in Central Florida.

As a rule of thumb, a bad tenant can completely de-rail your rental property performance. We see quick and unqualified tenants moving into your rental property tend to have numerous issues such as:

  • Excessive Maintenance 
  • Lease Term Problems
  • Lease Default
  • Rental Payments
  • Lease Violations
  • Following Simple Instructions
  • Constant Complaints
  • Move Every Year

These issues end up costing you (the landlord or rental property owner) money throughout the lease term. Sometimes bad tenants cause unwanted or unnecessary issues throughout a 12mth lease term.

Common Red Flags For Landlords in Orlando, Florida

If you are a self-managing rental property owner in Orlando or Central Florida, we have the guide to spot RED FLAG’s while finding and placing a tenant in your rental property. 

Paying attention to these simple but subtle Red Flags can be the difference between successful and unsuccessful rental properties.

Red Flags To Look Out For Are:

  • I Need To Move In Tomorrow
  • My Credit Is Bad But…
  • I Have Excellent Rental History
  • I Make Well Over The Income Requirements
  • I Have The Move In Funds
  • We Are Excellent Tenants
  • I’ve Been Evicted, But It Wasn’t My Fault
  • Maintenance Issues With My Previous Rental Home
  • I Like The Home But…

It is essential to understand that great tenants are out there who can say these phrases during the application and screening process. Although, be cautious of these common red flags that prospective tenants use to get into your rental home. Once you give in to their games and gimmicks, you’ll be in for a long 12 months.

Why The Listing for Orlando Property Management?

There are a lot of rental property management companies in Orlando, Florida. But, not all property management companies operate the same.

The simple answer to how and why we are different is we CARE. We care about every tenant we place in your rental home or investment property. 

We take the time to screen every tenant properly. It’s not about finding a Fast Tenant; It’s About Finding the Right Tenant for your rental property. After all, over the year of being in the property management business, we have seen firsthand how the Fast Tenant performs throughout a simple 12Mth lease term…. Not Good.

Yes, we may not be the cheapest property management company in Orlando and Central Florida, but I can assure you we are the highest quality property management company. 

We do always try our hardest to lease your rental property quickly – but if it means placing a lousy tenant to fill your rental property, then we’d rather wait for a quality renter. 

We strive to protect our rental property owners and work extensively to give you the best chance for success, and we work extensively to surpass your expectations.

How Does The Listing Screen Tenants in Orlando?

As your Orlando property management company, we take the time to screen every tenant properly. Our application process typically takes anywhere from 3-5 days from application to approval. We screen all Orlando and Central Florida applicants thoroughly checking:

  • Credit Reports
  • Employment Verification
  • Income Verification
  • Previous Rental History
  • Background Check
  • Nation-wide Eviction Search

Our application process takes longer than many other property management companies, and this is for finding the right tenants for your Orlando rental property.

Property Managers Conclusion

As a rental property management company, The Listing has seen firsthand the utter disappointment and poor quality of property management services in Orlando and Central Florida. I mean, there are property management companies, realtors, and landlords out there that have no business being in the property management business.

We know and understand that excellent renters lead to a great producing rental property asset. However, one bad apple can be the difference between success or having a sour rental property experience.

If I can recommend anything to new rental property owners, choose a property management company that cares for your business and will do anything to see you succeed. It is not about the price or how fast they can find a tenant.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to The Listing, Your Trusted Source for Orlando Property Management.