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As Duncan MacDonald, an American long-distance runner, famously expressed, “The common facts of today are the products of yesterday’s research.” When making any decision in life, it is essential to do your research. Finding the perfect property managers in Orlando is no different. Just like the quote from Duncan, if you do your due diligence and research now, you will reap the benefits of a successful rental property today and for years to come. If you’re looking at reviews for property managers, you’re already on the right track to hiring a quality property management provider for your rental property investment. Looking at the best property management reviews in Orlando Florida allows you to get a great idea even before your first contact as to how you and your rental property will be treated if you decide to choose them as your property management company. In this blog topic, we will be going over what to look for in Orlando property management reviews and your future Orlando property manager.

Famous Five Star Rating System

If you are an avid online reviewer, you are aware of and understand the 5-star rating system. The big three Google, Yelp, and Facebook are the most popular review platforms that allow customers or clients to give a star rating for the level of service provided. Property management companies, in general, are susceptible to negative online reviews due to the fiduciary duties to the property owner and tenants residing in their homes. There are Orlando property management companies that have 1.3 or 2.3 Star ratings. Yes, property managers are susceptible to negative reviews. Still, if you are considering a company with lower than a 3.5 Star rating, we advise going back to the drawing board and doing some more research. A property management company in Orlando should have more positive touchpoints within the community while doing business. As an experienced property management company here in the Orlando market, we know and understand property managers can get a bad rep, but many times it is due to inexperience and lackadaisical efforts. Consider property management companies with stellar reviews over 4.5 Stars. A company with higher ratings typically tells you that they care how they are viewed in the local community and put effort into being a quality property management company.

Positive Reviews from Landlords in Orlando, Florida

In a perfect, utopian world, a property manager will try and keep everyone happy. But that is not always the case. Property managers have fiduciary responsibilities to the property owner. This means we have legal obligations to act in the best interest of the property owner, which is an excellent deal for landlords, property owners, and real estate investors and why you need a quality property manager. We keep your best interest at heart. However, keep in mind from a tenant standpoint, this puts your property manager in some hot water at times (in review terms.) Property managers are put in situations in which they act in the best interest of the property owner; however, a tenant may not like that. For example, say your tenant is requesting a small maintenance item, and your property manager has the maintenance technician take care of the maintenance repair. As your Orlando property managers, we charge the tenant for the repair due to it being blatantly a tenant negligence situation. Well, the property manager may get a negative review for watching out for your best interest (or repair cost.) As you are looking at online reviews, search for how landlords and property owners are responding to the company. Please note: we are in no way saying tenants’ opinions don’t matter, but there are always some rogue people out there that believe the world revolves around them, and no matter how hard you work, you can’t please them.

Property Management Review Response

Professionalism is essential in a property management business, and company review responses can tell you just as much about a company as their rating. Review responses can tell you whether they care about their local reputation and respect towards people. Conflict resolution should be handled professionally, there is no need to escalate the conflict by arguing and getting defensive over the negative review. As Rasheed Ogunlaru states, “When you fall short, or your goals and dreams ask yourself, is it your mindset, perspective, expectations, effort, approach, acceptance, company or a blend of these that need to change.” What we believe Rasheed means, is that it is good to get negative feedback sometimes to better yourself, business and property management operations. Continuous improvement should be the backbone of your property management service provider if constructive criticism is not responded to, evaluated, and improved upon. You’ll likely see the same consistency across all their reviews.

Authenticity in Orlando Property Management

Take a glance at the authenticity of the company’s property management reviews. As mentioned, property management companies are susceptible to negative reviews. Some management companies will coerce property owners and tenants into leaving positive reviews and feedback. Potentially offering a deal to owners and tenants if they leave a positive 5-star review to supplement their negative reviews. Look for details as to how the management company went above and beyond for their property owners versus the classic “best property management company in [blank city].” Many times you can tell whether the review is authentic or not. We have seen property managers post on their Facebook, “Leave me a 5-star rating.” These reviews can be far off from how they treat their property owners.

Final Thoughts as a Property Manager in Orlando

When you’re doing your due diligence in choosing a property management company in Orlando, Florida, let the facts of today be the products of yesterday’s research. Selecting a property manager is a big decision; after all, we manage most homeowners’ most significant assets or investment. Orlando, property management reviews, can tell all, and you need to listen. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to The Listing Real Estate Management, the highest recommended property management company in Orlando, Florida.

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