Orlando, Florida

Orlando Property Management With A Purpose

Orlando Property Management With A Purpose

From the suburbs to the city, the residents that call Orlando home, have a tremendous sense of pride for their people and community. That is why we have made our home in the heart of Downtown Orlando. We wanted The Listing Real Estate Management to be a part of that heartbeat and fabric the people of this community have.

In our journey’s throughout the Orlando area we’ve been stopped by men and women living on the street looking for assistance. We are able to help with the little cash we have on us, but that’s not nearly enough to give this population the help they desperately need.

As we continue our journey, we wanted to come up with a way to provide a lifeline for the homeless population in our community.

We want to provide long-term assistance, by doing more than offering a few bucks and a short conversation. The men, women, and children of this homeless population should have a safe place to rest their heads at night and the opportunity to get back on their feet.

Homeless Population Statistics in Orlando, Florida

In our search to help. We began to research the homeless population of Central Florida and found some pretty alarming statistics. According to a recent study, there were nearly 15,000 students in Orange, Osceola, Seminole and Lake counties that identified as homeless in the 2015-16 school year — almost four times the number a decade earlier, and a higher percentage than the rest of the state.

We also found that the main contributors to homelessness can be narrowed down into four categories.

  1. Loss of income, low wages or unemployment.
  2. Lack of affordable housing.
  3. Domestic violence.
  4. Substance abuse or mental illness.

With this in mind, we have committed our business to affecting change for these people by implementing a one-for-one business model. What this means for our community and people is that for every resident, we place in one of our managed homes. We donate 3% of our resident placement fee to Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida.

For over 30 years, Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida has been a place where hope is restored.

Their goal is to help families and individuals find their way home with a focus on housing and income.

In the past year, nearly 1,000 of their guests have moved on from one of their programs to permanent housing.

To learn more about the Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida or donate to a wonderful cause. Click above.

How Can An Orlando Property Manager Help Homelessness?

Rental property management companies accross Central Florida can help our Orlando, Florida community by giving back like The Listing Orlando. Our property managers work extensively to support and help our community in any way we can. 

Orlando Property Management Summary

On a day to day basis, we help homeowners, investors, and residents sleep easy at night knowing their home & needs are being handled with care.

Through your commitment to The Listing Real Estate Management – an Orlando property management company, together we can affect change on a greater scale with The Listing Placement For Another.

Everyone has their own story and no matter their circumstances or situation. Having a place to call home and a roof over your head should be a basic human right in today’s society. Property Management with a purpose is who we are, and The Listing Placement For Another allows us to spread that purpose to others.

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