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Should I Keep Lawn and Pool Service Included in Rent, or Make My Tenant Pay?

Should I Keep Lawn and Pool Service Included in Rent, or Make My Tenant Pay?

We all know lawn and pool maintenance is essential to keeping your Orlando rental property healthy and looking good. One question we constantly hear from property owners is, “Should I have my tenant in Orlando maintain the lawn and pool at my rental property?” As a property management company servicing the Greater Orlando area, we highly recommend keeping lawn service and pool service INCLUDED in the rental rate.

If you currently have a lawn service and pool service provider, we suggest continuing to use their service. You may already have a relationship with your provider, and if not, your property manager in Orlando can get you in touch with their lawn and pool service vendors. There are many benefits to including Lawn and Pool service in the rental rate.

Benefits To Including Service in the Rental Rate:

  • Eliminate HOA violations & fees

  • Lease your home quicker

  • Protects your lawn sod and pool mechanics

  • Reduced tenant complaints

  • Another set of eyes on your rental property

  • Reduced maintenance request

  • Peace of mind it is being done

  • Increased rental rate (profit center)

As a property manager in Orlando, Florida, we have seen tenants neglecting lawn maintenance when their lease states it as a “tenant responsibility.” There is nothing worse than having to re-sod your lawn because your tenant didn’t properly care for it. Many tenants don’t change their air filters, so why would a tenant clean the pool filter? The short answer is: They Won’t!

Rental Property Protection

Using a service provider you know and trust will protect your real estate asset. When you are getting ready to rent out your home, tell your lawn or pool service provider. Make them aware that you will have a tenant occupying the property. If your service provider notices any issues with the lawn or pool, they can reach out to you or your Orlando property managers. In the past, we have seen tenants reduce or unplug the yard irrigation system due to their water bill being higher than expected. This, of course, can be avoided if your lawn service provider or property manager resolves the issue. Long story short, it is better to be proactive than reactive when it comes to handling rental property maintenance and repairs.

Property Management Protection

As a landlord, a professional Orlando property management company can keep close eyes on your rental and protect your real estate asset. Now, you know it is best to INCLUDE lawn and pool service in your rental rate. If you have any questions or would like to connect, feel free to reach out to The Listing Real Estate Management, the trusted source for property management in Orlando and surrounding areas.

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